<p>Dr. Selma Rashid</p>

Dr. Selma Rashid

Born in the UK, Dr. Selma Rashid, M.D. completed her medical degree and training in Chicago, Illinois. She is board certified in Internal Medicine. Now an acknowledged global expert on hormone replacement.

Dr. Selma believes that prevention of age-related diseases is grossly ignored by mainstream medicine. The current medical system thrives on diseases, which are completely preventable. Dr. Selma hopes that she can contribute to the awareness in the lay public, so people can get solutions to maximize their potential to live healthy, functional lives.


Anti-Aging Medical Group

Dr. Selma – Leading Expert In Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Dr. Selma's Mission

As an academic and scientist, she believes everyone, regardless if they choose to pursue hormone therapy or not, should be provided clear medical information. She understands the challenges patients feel when trying to learn the facts. Medicine has not paid due attention to hormone replacement. Therefore, many patients have turned to alternative medicine where they are provided with supplements and treatments with little benefit, and unknown potentially harmful side effects. Patients are frustrated because they don’t know where to turn to, everyone is telling them something different. Dr. Selma’s foremost goal is to direct patients to clear medical data and facts, so they can make a sound, educated decision.

Dr. Selma's Book

Dr. Selma explains the role of hormones in the human body. An individual’s DNA does not change or disappear, but hormone levels do. She explains the role of key hormones that are affected with aging, and how we can overcome this decline. In doing so, we can retain a higher level of function throughout our lives.

"The essence of her thought process is that the medical system should do everything possible to ensure that diseases of aging are prevented and every person enjoys life to their fullest potential."
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